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Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising Campaigns

James Ogden25 Jan - 17:09
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We’re going to need your help

During the final months of the season, we’re launching two fundraising campaigns that we’re hoping all members and friends of the club will get behind.

The first campaign is to help complete our new floodlit pitch and the second is to support the general running costs of the club as bills continue to rise.

Before we say any more; we’re also fully aware that the cost-of-living crisis is real and may be impacting our members. Supporting our campaigns isn’t just about asking for donations. We also sincerely appreciate people sharing the details of what we’re trying to achieve or speaking to businesses that might donate prizes, sponsorship, etc. There will also be some great offers available in and amongst.


Our playing numbers are the highest they've been in our 93 year history. Due to the demand, the new floodlit pitch has been a necessary focal point for some time. We now need to FINISH THE JOB right!

Despite the pandemic and everything rocketing in price; the club's Committee worked hard to make sure the aspiration of a new pitch never went away. Martin Smith, in particular, led an unbelievable crusade to keep things moving and so many members pledged their support. Three years ago, the Project90 fundraising campaign made sure work didn't stop, despite all club income streams grinding to a halt due to COVID-19 and the subsequent hike in all utility bills.

As a result, we now have a new playing field. It's flat, with grass, rugby posts and floodlights! On a bright, dry day, it's a sight to behold. But..... there is one outstanding issue to resolve…… drainage.

The slightest bit of rainfall and the pitch puddles. The compacted nature of the soil below is preventing the water from reaching the built-in drains and we've also been told more drains are required.

Therefore, we’ve gathered support from Sport England to access some match-funding to make sure we can introduce the new drainage channels and a program of sanding and verti-drainage.
What this space. PITCH PERFECT is about to launch.


In March we’ll be giving every member a set of raffle tickets in the hope they sell as many as possible to raise vital club funds. Tickets will be just £1 each and, thanks to support from Caravan Guard, we have a 1st Prize of £1000 cash up for grabs. If anyone else would like to donate prizes, please let us know!

There will also be a chance for our teams to raise money through the raffle (for tour funds/kit fund etc), so more info on that will follow.

The raffle will be drawn from the Brodstock Main Stage on Saturday 22nd June.

If anyone would like to join the fundraising drive, please do get in touch with

Many thanks

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